Numerology day number 29 december

I guess most of the things that are mentioned by you like being emotional, insecure, jealous are true for a no. However, i am quite surprized by your opinion that these ppl hv suicidal tendencies??? Keep enlightening us as always. Hmmm you are right, not all the people born on 29 are suicidal, but its a generic term i mean like 2, 20, 11, and And this tendency comes when both date and lifepath are 2.

Who know's what is in store for you! Check out your birth date meaning.

If a person has a strong lifepath, then this tendency need not be present. I was born in May 29, at Kathmandu,Nepal. People appreciate my talent but I am never successful either in job or in business. Do I need to change spelling to my name or wear some stones?

Please advise. It is true what you said im brave butinside when i heard about dec 21 im scared ist it possible for the world to end on pls answer! Its nature of 2 born to think of suicide, so dont have any guilt. But try to win over it by wisdom, The world has already started to see its end, is just the date where the calamities will be visible to all the people, Every day some natural calamities are happening some where in this world. Dear Astronlogia I feel your post to be rite on..

I have met many people born on 29th, they are very nice people who loves peace. They may like to bully people but I dont believe that they dont love peace. Pandit Sethuraman also wrote that those born on 29th are quarrelsome.

Numerology Of 29: Born On The 29th Of The Month?

They may be temperamental and and ocassionally bully people for fun but they are very good people compared to those born on 28th or 9th. Those born on 29th are very reasonable people who loves peace.

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I dont know whose character you and Pandit have analysed but I have seen for my self 4 characters born on 29th and they are all very nice people. I have observed my husband, a student, and an uncle of mine — all 29 borns….. If you are closely related to a born person, you can vouchsafe for everything that Saravana has mentioned. Another thing…. I have seen most borns to go through some years of privation, abject poverty, and even footpath life….

They really can be hard to their families and close friends sometimes…. My personal experience speaks here…. My DOB is I am planning to start a greeting card business do you c a favorable vibration? This business will be based online. Does this apply to people with total of date [I believe thats the life path] as 29 or only people born on 29th of a month.

But yes I have noticed that I can be rough sometimes in certain situations. Dear Sir, My name is M. Kindly brief about my life based on my Date of birth and name. DEar Sir, I my date of birth is I have dept. Please suggest me my lucky number. Give me solution about to get more money and free from dept. Can I success in forex trading. Can I success in property? I wanted to read up on the number 29 as I had just seen a drama on British Serial Killers Fred and Rose West, both were born on 29, were married on the 29th of January, his funeral was on the 29th of March, and I kept wondering, this number 29 keeps coming up…it must have an effect.

Everything you said about the number 29 was VERY accurate for these two, violent, he committed suicide, she was crazy. Too many details to mention, but corresponds perfectly. Hi i am Mr. Hers the real deal, give or take some of the crass outspoken generalisations within the content of this site: Your Birth Day number is You are highly intuitive and creative.

Your mind thinks in pictures. You seem to draw information and ideas from out of the sky.

Birth Day (Date) Numerology for People Born on 2, 11, 20, 29 (Facts, Luck Factors, Life Path Number)

Your intuition is your gift, along with a powerful drive to know the Oneness of all things. You are so driven by spiritual pursuits that no matter what you do in life, the world of spirit and philosophy will be central to your daily behavior. You feel linked with the larger universal forces, and nothing will change that.

You have a fine mind and keen insights, but these do not come as a result of logic or rational thought. You are more likely to direct your life by inspiration, rather than by calculated reflections.

On some level, you know that you are in the hands of destiny, and that you must surrender to the higher powers that shape your life. You are usually a late bloomer. Your early and middle 30s tend to be years spent in apprenticeship and slow development. During this period, you can become frustrated with your progress, or the apparent lack of it. Answer: If calculated properly and you come out with a Master Number 11, 22, or 33 you are actually both. Your Life Path will mainly reflect the Master Number, but you may also have some of the traits of the secondary reduced number. A Life Path 11 may have some traits of a 2, but not all.

Answer: The Life Path Number is not an indicator of spirituality.


Each Life Path will have their own individual trials and growth opportunities and none should be considered better than another. Not sure what to do now? Use the calculator at the top of the page to calculate your Life Path Number! Numerology Home. All About Numerology. Core Numbers. The key is to discipline your energies, contain your focus, and develop light routine and orderliness in your life. You can also experience the opposite — which is the ultimate Fear Factor.

You can feel too fearful about the world, paranoid, and unable to focus, follow-through, and be productive. You often have a knack for bringing out the best in those around you. You often are a natural artist or musician and can also gravitate toward the healing arts. Your focus is on relationships and helping others.

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Children and animals usually are naturally attracted to you and your energy. You feel as though you carry the world on your shoulders and set sky-high standards for your own performance and for those in your life.

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A perfectionist, your disappointment in the world throws you into fits of self-righteous criticism where no one or nothing can meet your standards. You do well when you specialize in one field and develop deep expertise. You flourish when you have time alone and yet must beware of cutting yourself off from the world and becoming too withdrawn. Guard against self-absorption and stubbornness. Status is something to strive toward — respect from the world at large is important to you.

You enjoy being a connector — a person who knows the manager, the celebrity, or the owner. The freedom that financial abundance can bring you is a driving force in your life. Yet when pushed again and again, you can yourself become the ultimate victim, blaming everyone and everything for your lack of achievement.

Numerology Date Calculator

Know that the 8 Birthday number demands that you develop a tough skin. Perseverance, resilience, and proper positive attitude is the key to success or failure. You have an ability to connect with people from all walks of life. You often see a grander vision of the world through your idealistic lens, yet also are capable of inciting change and transformation on both local and international levels. You understand early on that you have charisma and can make anything happen when you focus on it. You can become a fanatic, standing on your soap-box and proselytizing rather than working with others and listening to more productive solutions for specific problems.

A bundle of Life Path infographics delivered to your inbox! These outline the qualities of each Life Path number — highlighting strengths, challenges, career, and relationships Your Name. In numerology, your Personal Year Number gives you insights into the theme and energy supporting you during the calendar year.