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Chinese horoscope for today and tomorrow. Maya horoscope for today and tomorrow. I hope you'll get luxurious glimpses of the promise your future holds, and I hope you'll visualize yourself embarking on adventures and projects you've been too timid or worried to consider before now.

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For best results, be eager to utter the word "MORE! Some of them contain billions of dollars' worth of precious metals and jewels.

Others are crammed with artifacts that would be of great value to historians and archaeologists. And here's a crazy fact: Less than 1 percent of all those potential treasures have been investigated by divers. I bring this to your attention, Scorpio, because I hope it might inspire you to explore your inner world's equivalent of lost or unknown riches.

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The astrological omens suggest that the coming weeks will be an excellent time to go searching for them. But according to my astrological analysis, those flashy phenomena would not motivate you to take the corrective and adaptive measures you actually need. The grace of god—or whatever passes for the grace of god in your world—is the influence that will best help you accomplish what's necessary. Fortunately, I suspect you know how to call on and make full use of that grace. Please hold it close to your awareness for the next 21 days.

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Now here's another gift from Stafford: "Things you know before you hear them—those are you, those are why you are in the world. To provide you with an accurate horoscope, I'll have to argue with that idea a bit. From what I can determine, love will indeed be immoderate in your vicinity during the coming weeks. On the other hand, it's likely to bring you a high degree of contentment—as long as you're willing to play along with its immoderateness.

Here's another fun prediction: I suspect that love's immoderateness, even as it brings you satisfaction, will also inspire you to ask for more from love and expand your capacity for love. And that could lead to even further immoderate and interesting experiments.

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PISCES Feb 19—March 20 : You will know you are in sweet alignment with the cosmic forces if you have an impulse to try a rash adventure, but decide instead to work on fixing a misunderstanding with an ally. You can be sure you're acting in accordance with your true intuition if you feel an itch to break stuff, but instead channel your fierce energy into improving conditions at your job. You will be in tune with your soul's code if you start fantasizing about quitting what you've been working on so hard, but instead sit down and give yourself a pep talk to reinvigorate your devotion and commitment.


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