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They hate malice. They are of imperious and independent nature, they most of all value their independence and do not want to suffer limitations or be subjected to coercion. Such a person can do for people far more when they are left free to act as they please and with their own strength, rather than when connected with unfavorable life conditions and limited by them. Brash, imperious β€” they do not easily give in in a fight. They are moreover expectant and sometimes passive, waiting for a positive outcome of complicated life situations. They accurately view even the most complicated situations.

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The best profession for them is one that requires mental concentration and ongoing hard work. But they will achieve the greatest results in an intellectual career: as an artist, writer, musician or inventor. The Capricorn part of you is highly capable. On the other hand, your Aquarius bit is rather eccentric! No wonder, we refer to your cusp as the Cusp of Mystery! You are as mysterious as you are imaginative. In addition, you have a self-drive that makes it possible for all your dreams to come true. Your imaginations are not in vain! You and your fellow Cuspers are full of energy.

You have the ability to combine the energies of both air and earth to create an interesting mix. This combination sometimes leaves you in a kind of conflict. When this happens, be sure that it is part of your personality. Harness the resultant energy and make the best of it. Some people perceive you as determined, serious, and hardworking.

You are also creative, especially when it comes to real life, practical solutions. But, the best of all is that you are an intellectual. You like using your vast mental faculties to entertain and create fun. As a January 28 zodiac lover, you are very versatile and attractive. This has won you many admirers of the opposite sex.

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However, you are not a person to commit to one person for long! You are a discoverer. This trait is quite noticeable in your relationships. You love with passion until the next suitable candidate comes along. Do not see this as a flaw β€” it is more of a strength.

It bespeaks of your capacity to handle multiple partners successfully! You can form a very solid relationship with a fellow Aquarius. However, for this to happen you have to be subtle.

January 28 Birthday Horoscope

Do not let them know you at a glance. Reveal your personality to them methodically. Keep them guessing as to who you truly are! According to the charts, you are a firm believer in love at first sight. You do not need a million years to feel attached to a lover. You act on your first impressions.

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However, this does not always work for your interest. You will often be disappointed following a miscalculation in a relationship. We would suggest that you take more time to know your partners before you give them your heart. Your ideal partner is an Aquarius, a Libra or a Gemini. This is because you view many life issues from the same angle. You are most compatible with people who were born on the 3rd, 5th, 6th, 11th, 15th, 28th, 30th, and 31st. Try to keep away from a relationship with a Scorpio.

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Cancer Devoted, Compassionate, Moody, Hesitant. Leo Vibrant, Assertive, Egotistical, Possessive. Virgo Dependable, Patient, Critical, Judgemental.

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  • Libra Charming, Loving, Indecisive, Lazy. Scorpio Passionate, Charismatic, Secretive, Manipulative.

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    Sagittarius Gregarious, Sociable, Blunt, Restless. Capricorn Willful, Serious, Rigid, Demanding. Aquarius Intelligent, Humanitarian, Unconventional, Noncommittal. Pisces Romantic, Imaginative, Illusional, Wistful.

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