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How do we know what they mean? The inner planets, those closer to the Sun than Earth, travel fast so they are…. Are you trying to find the answer to a perplexing love situation?

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Do you simply need to get clear in your mind about your feelings toward a certain person? Saturn went retrograde on April 18th, It will resume normal service on September 6th, So what does it mean? And how does Saturn in retrograde affect you personally? Planets in Retrograde When a planet is in retrograde it means that, from our perspective on Earth, the planet appears to be going backwards.

Arguably the most affectionate sign of the Zodiac, Cancer does not commit to a relationship easily.

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Cancer: love and relationships, and everything in between. Gemini-Cancer Cusp June This is the enchanted week of the year, when…. See if you are dating the right person based on your zodiac sign.

Check a person's individuality based on their zodiac sign. Check a person's characteristic based on their Chinese zodiac sign.

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Check your moon signs which describes your personality. Each royal has… Read more. Everyone carries a degree of baggage around with… Read more. Discover more about Leo: love and relationships and how to handle… Read more. The inner planets, those closer to the Sun than Earth, travel fast so they are… Read more. Instagram for Brooklyn Tarot.

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So on this week's episode we talk about this New Moon energy. I also offer you a 5 card New Moon tarot spread with a message for all of us. If you would like to see the image of this New Moon Spread, along with the questions for reflection, check them out on my tarot instagram account brooklyntarot. And then after that, I had the honor to sit down with the incredible Scorpio artist Chase Voorhees, the creator of the Tarot of the Holy Spectrum. In our conversation we talk about all things Scorpio, including: fear as an artist, putting your work out in the world, creative transformation, and therapy.

We also touch base with a lot of tarot cards, including the Scorpio tarot cards, Death, Judgment which chase renames to Awakening , the Tower, and the King of Cups. To check out Chase's work and to stay up-to-date on the release of his channeled tarot deck, be sure to sign-up for his newsletter through his website, and follow him on instagram.

Aries Full Moon Blessings to you all! Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's birth chart. Her birthday lines up with the Aries Full Moon. Thanks as always for being here!

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Happy virgo Season to you! Follow her on i nstagram here. Enter in a raffle with a chance to win a minute astrology reading with me by supporting comedian Lucy Cottrell. Let me know your t-shirt size. Must put order in by August 15, There are a lot of opportunities for deep healing, release, and spiritual upgrades at this time.

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If you are listening to this live, it is Tuesday, July 16, , and the Sun is in Cancer, and the Moon is in Capricorn. So we will touch base with both of these Zodiac Queens, so we can meditate on the high-vibe invitation for this time.

SCORPIO NOV 10th-16th: Chance encounter turns into a possible love connection!

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