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Your curiosities will be at an all-time high, but where will your passions lead? A Full Moon in Aquarius occurs on August 15, as the luminaries meet on opposite signs of the sky. During this lunation, consider ways you can create new experiences. A new voyage awaits. Virgo season kicks off on August 23 as the Sun drifts into this practical, logic-driven earth sign.

Virgo activates the area of your chart connected to professional aspirations, public image, and long-term aspirations. This Sun-Moon blend suggests dynamic and developmental tension between self-expression and self-protection.

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Working with this dynamic combination of solar heat and emotional intensity will likely clue you in to the nuances which exist between those two extremes. The road to discovering your personal identity may sometimes be paved with swirling, tumultuous feelings which you would rather keep out of public view. The master peeler of the layers of the psyche. You know very intimately that you must have the knowledge of the heart to claim the throne. The rabbit hole you travel may be ripe and rampant with what you wish to avoid, but meeting the challenges of navigating crisis assists you in gaining a shining picture of everything you can be.

Believe me, I understand. All it takes is one good time of putting yourself out there and feeling betrayed, shamed or manipulated. Also, these very same people may not be ready to delve into the dark as you so easily do. Are you aware of your enormous healing capacity?

Sagittarius September 2019 Astrology Horoscope Forecast

Talk about a win-win!! The fact is, you need to own it and live it. In an individual birth chart, Venus in contact with Uranus suggests the valuing of that which is unconventional, offbeat and avant-garde. Your radar is honed toward customizing your life and relationships in a matter that screams authenticity. However, the flip side of the coin is that you shock and ruffle the feathers of conventional society. The rebel inside of you is constantly seeking new ways to live YOUR life. For you: revolution means evolution and the only constant that we can count on is change.

Hell, you may not even need the car! Or, your relationship will end just as quickly as it started. Living freely and spontaneously and resisting labels and boxes is one of your fortes. So, what you uttered in fervent conviction two hours ago may be something which meets the fury of your disdain at this very moment.

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What we can learn from you is to embrace the willingness to approach our lives from a fresh perspectives, always examining what we can possibly breathe new life into and reinvent. We can also learn about the ramifications that impulsive behavior and rebellion for sport has on personal productivity. If you have a Venus-Uranus aspect in your birth chart. You can listen right here:. With the constant influx of messages from numerous sources, which emphasize our lack as human beings, maintaining our confidence can be a formidable challenge.

Effective navigation of these issues requires a combination of both boldness and finesse. The Sun-Moon combination of Leo-Libra magnifies the themes of self-appreciation , artistic flair, and harmonious social relations. The solar light is reflected through a personality that needs to skillfully maintain well-balanced relationships and be thought of as kind, objective and humane.

The challenges that come with this Sun-Moon blend revolve around knowing when to place oneself in the center of a situation, confronting the elements which comprise the ego, versus choosing more of an accommodating stance in the name of peace and harmony.

While the solar force of Leo wants to shine and attract attention, the reigning emotional need is to accommodate others and relate from their point of view. They have a need to be liked that motivates much of their person-to-person behavior, to the point that it can undermine their highly valued objectivity. The desire to avoid unpleasantness can lead to relatively superficial, placating responses that may not be completely sincere-occasionally verging on flattery.

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  7. They easily lose themselves in the others energy field and become confused about where they end and the other begins. In other words, their spontaneous reactions are unconsciously modified by how the person the y are interacting with is reacting! A dysfunctional use of this energy can be to stop dead in your tracks and reverse field because you fear the slightest bit of disagreement or conflict coming on. If you feel compelled to do so, please take a listen:. You might even be daring enough to place yourself in the paths of strangers, acquaintances, animals, and teachers who can provide novel reflections.

    There's just one caveat: Stay away from people who might be inclined to fling negative feedback. Is there anything you could do to enjoy your life even more and be even more confident that you're making the best possible decisions?

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    Cavafy's poem "Waiting for the Barbarians" imagines the imminent arrival of an unpredictable agent of chaos. Everyone in town is uneasy. People's routines are in disarray. Faces look worried. What's going to happen?

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    But the poem has a surprise ending. It's quite possible that the perceived threat isn't really a threat. So here's my question, taken from near the end of the poem: "What are we going to do now without the barbarians? Are you in quest of even deeper insight? I bring this up, Gemini, because I want to encourage you to read some wonder tales. Hopefully, as you do, you'll be inspired to re-imagine your life as a wonder tale; you'll reframe the events of the "real world" around you as being elements in a richly entertaining wonder tale.

    Why do I recommend this? Because wonder tales are like waking dreams that reveal the wishes and curiosities and fascinations of your deep psyche. And I think you will benefit profoundly in the coming weeks from consciously tuning in to those wishes and curiosities and fascinations.

    How far do you dare to go in your quest for self-mastery? You'll have a special talent for piercing through the outer trappings of their personalities so as to gaze at the essence beneath.

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    It's as if your eyes will be blessed by an enhancement that enables you to discern what's often hidden. This upgrade in your perception may at times be unsettling. For some of the people you behold, the difference between how they present themselves and who they actually are will be dramatic. But for the most part, penetrating to the depths should be fun, enriching, even healing.